The word "Erletxe" is Erleche and derives from the terms "Erle" (bee) and "Etxe" (house). Literally it means "house of bees", or “hive”.


We provide, on this website, information that allows you to learn more about the charms of Laguardia and its surroundings, as well as our facilities. We hope that you come to visit us soon.


Until then we wish you, as indicated on the posters at the gates of the walls of Laguardia, “Peace to those who arrive, health to those who live and happiness to those who leave”.


Vista parcial desde la segunda planta

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Vista parcial desde la segunda planta

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Our house has on the ground floor a dining room with kitchen and a room, the first floor has four bedrooms with bathroom and a living room, and on the second floor, in addition to the residence of the owner, offers a double room overlooking the open courtyard and the South Valley.



Own garden
Free Wi-Fi
Daily cleaning service
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Free parking for motorcycles and bicycles
Elevator for
two people


The village of Laguardia, cradle of kings and poets, was built on the ruins of Biasteri, an old walled village in the region of Basque country which was founded by the Navarrese King Sancho Abarca.

A castle dominates the town, and part of La Rioja region can be seen from its walls.

The legend tells that the Moors and Castilians could not conquer the village due to the presence of the towers and walls. Laguardia remains a walled village with many castles that were the residences of ancient kings.

This noble fortified village originally had four access gates in its walls: that of Páganos, Mercadel, San Juan and Santa Engracia. In the sixteenth century a fifth gate was added: that of the Caniceros (butchers).

The alleys in Laguardia are full of churches worthy of being visited. These include San Juan, which was first Romanesque, then Gothic, then Baroque and finally Neoclassical as well as the church of Santa María de los Reyes, which has one of the most beautiful stone porticos (doors) of the 14th century. It belonged to the Order of the Temple.

It is very much worthwhile wandering around Laguardia, with its core of medieval origins offering an undoubted artistic and historical interest. In addition, Laguardia offers opportunity to visit one of its many wineries within the village itself and to taste and acquire some of its magnificent wines. We warmly await your visit. 

Otoño desde Erletxe, Laguardia España
Otoño desde Erletxe, Laguardia España

Vista de otoño en Laguardia, españa

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Tourist tour

Guided tours in English are provided at the most significant wineries in the area.


More than 8 restaurants offer regional gastronomic specialties

Cultural Sights

Museums, archaelogical remains and medieval churches are some of our sights of interest.

Bicycle rental

You have the possibility of renting bicycles, ask us for more information

Eating establishments

In Laguardia, there are many wine shops, butcher shops, pastry shops, etc.

Tourism Office 

If you would like more information about the village, you can visit the official Laguardia tourism information websitie here. Laguardia